While some guests prefer to prepare their own meals, many prefer to enjoy local restaurants.  Restaurants in Greer have seasonal operating hours and we advise that you check out their websites or call prior to your visit.  If arriving late, we advise stopping to eat in the nearest town prior to Greer.  Restaurants in Greer:

Restaurants in nearby Eager/Springerville include fast food offerings:  McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Sonic, Arby’s.  For delicious. slow smoked barbecue, we recommend Avery’s.  For those who like it hot, try  Los Dos Molinos, specializing in New Mexican cuisine.  Our favorite pizza parlor in Springerville is Goobs Pizza.

Greer has one convenience store, Lazy Trout Market.  Full service grocery stores are available in nearby Eager/Springerville, which is 15/17 miles away.

Greer has NO GAS STATION.   The nearest gas stations are in Eager/Springerville or Hon Dah.